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To inspire and encourage the pursuit of personal, family and community success by 1). Promoting people, services, opportunities and upcoming events; 2). Providing a platform for community expression; and 3). Celebrating local accomplishments.


Londell SmithLondell Smith was told by an elementary school teacher that by the time he turned 18 he would be dead, in jail, hooked on drugs or in an insane asylum. He failed 7th grade, and was often told that he was not college material. He barely graduated from high school, and was admitted into college “on condition” because of his low test scores. Smith spent his first college semester taking remedial classes, and was placed on academic probation twice throughout his college career. It took 5½ years for Smith to earn his 4-year undergraduate degree. In addition to overcoming enormous academic challenges, he also survived alcohol and drug abuse.

Today, Londell Smith is a man, husband, father, son, brother, educator, mentor and small business owner who knows and values people!

But he has not succeeded alone. Along the way, he received the help, support and prayers of countless people. To repay these generous people, he is dedicated to doing for others what they did for him.